For GNCS Members

Section Contacts

In each vocal section of the chorus, there is a member who has been appointed to serve as a central contact for his/her section. Phone/email that person if you must miss, or be late for, rehearals. Or contact them to get answers to any questions of procedure.

The section contacts are:

Sopranos - Eva Winsberg
Altos - Barbara Taffet
Tenors & Basses - Larry Schwartz
Our Accompanist & Organist

Guy Brewer has been organist and choirmaster of Zion Episcopal Church in Douglaston, Queens for the past 15 years. Possessed of a beautiful tenor voice, he has also sung in, and directed, the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York, located in Manhattan.

Mr. Brewer, a native New Yorker, majored in music theory at The Juilliard School of Music, and studied organ, composition, and conducting at Yale University. He formerly directed the Georgia Folk Group, an American group specializing in the music of that former Soviet Republic. For his study and performance of Georgian folk music, he was awarded a state prize and laureateship.

Mr. Brewer lives in Bayside, Queens.
Guy Brewer Blvd., in southern Queens is named after his grandfather.
David Close
Music Director & Conductor